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    At Fifty for Free Youth Community Initiative,
    we empower youth aged 13 to 19 with essential financial literacy education and soft skill development, while honing their basketball prowess.

    Through our dynamic Summer and March Break Camps, alongside interactive workshops, we deliver valuable learning experiences that equip youth for success.

    Discover more about our programs to support our mission, or enroll your child today for an enriching experience!

Summer Programs

  • Experience the Fifty for Free Summer Camp — an enriching, four-week program tailored for youth aged 13 to 19. Focused on instilling financial literacy, life skills and basketball expertise, this camp is entirely free of charge.

    Our program provides a unique blend of activities and educational opportunities. Participants will embark on various field trips, providing new experiences and exposure to new environments.

    Join us for an unforgettable summer filled with growth, fun, and new experiences!

    2024 registration is now closed.

1000+ Students who have attended our programs 10 Schools we have worked with 300+ Pairs of sneakers we’ve given away 95% Students who have attended more than once 1000+ Students who have attended our programs 10 Schools we have worked at 300+ Pairs of sneakers we’ve given away 95% Students who have attended more than once

March Break Program

  • Introducing the Fifty for Free March Break Program—a complimentary, one-week initiative tailored for youth aged 13 to 19, eager to refine their basketball skills through comprehensive training sessions, strength workouts, and invaluable lessons on teamwork.

    In addition to honing their athletic abilities, participants will receive guidance towards financial success. Our program includes essential money management lessons covering credit, budgeting and investing, ensuring they’re equipped for a prosperous future.

    Regardless of age or skill level, every participant will receive the support needed to thrive in our camp.

    Registration opening February 2025.


  • At Fifty for Free, our mission is to ensure the success of all underserved youth. That’s why we provide tailored workshops to meet the specific needs of the youth in your program, class, or organization.

    Whether you’re interested in empowering them with skills in basketball, financial literacy, mental health or entrepreneurship for a day, a week, or more, we’re here to assist.

    Contact us today for a customized solution designed to support the growth and development of our community.


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  • “Girls are three times more likely to drop out of sport in adolescence.
    FFF is doing its part by creating a safe space for girls in sport.”

    – Onika Green

  • “My favourite educational session was with Enriched Academy. I enjoyed learning about how to spend responsibly and how to start a business.”

    – Remi

  • “This is my second year as an educator and, let me tell you, the activities that I’ve seen them do and the hands-on knowledge the teens gain is amazing.”

    – Ricci Cinco Gill


  • Andre Harriott

    Andre Harriott

    Program Director

    Andre Harriott holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and a Master of Teaching. He’s conducted research on Black men’s health and academic streaming effects in Toronto.

    Currently a high school guidance counsellor, he also teaches Youth Participatory Action Research.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for these programs?

All Fifty for Free programs are completely free of charge for youth and their families!

How long does each program run?

Summer programs last 4 to 6 weeks, March Break programs last one week, and school year programs can range from a single session to 8 weeks.

How many days per week is each program?

We offer a variety of programs for youth. Our summer programs run 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays. The March Break program also runs Monday to Friday for a week. During the school year, our programs typically run twice a week.

What are the age requirements to participate in the programs?

Youth must be between the ages of 13 and 19.

What cities and provinces are the programs located in?

Currently, our programs are available in Toronto, Ontario, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. However, we’ll be expanding to other locations across Canada

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